We have dedicated our career to focus solely on the diagnosis of hip pain, injuries, hip trauma, hip fractures, hip replacements, and when necessary – hip surgery, which gives him a distinct advantage over general orthopedic surgeons. Please feel free to contact us for a hip pain diagnosis or hip surgery consultation.

I had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Davidovitch just 3 weeks ago and I’m doing amazing. I cannot believe it myself!!! I was completely off pain meds in 3 days and no longer needed crutches or a cane in 5 days!!! I’ve just started Pt this week and I’m so happy! My care with Dr Davidovitch and his team and the ENTIRE staff at the NYU Langone center has been absolutely amazing. I’ve had the best support and care throughout my entire experience. I highly recommend Dr Davidovitch!! I can’t imagine where I’d be today without him! Thank you to all! So much!! ~ Google

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Please note: We accept full out-of-network insurance benefits (we will contact your insurance company and submit for you). Most policies reimburse patients for most of the cost of hip surgery. Our surgical coordinator will assist you with all paperwork, pre-authorizations, and approvals.

  • Diagnostics testing (Xrays, CT scans, MRIs), 2nd opinions, and advanced therapeutic relief (as opposed to surgical) if considered the best option for your unique condition.
  • We offer comprehensive treatment solutions for hip injuries, bone and joint disorders, hip fractures, hip trauma, osteoarthritis of the hip, arthritis of the hip and more.

I had total hip replacement anterior approach, with Dr Davidovitch 3 most ago and could not be happier with the results. I was home the same evening as surgery, no hospital stay, and his team of care experts was constantly in touch. Dr. Davidovitch is amazing and I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone considering this surgery.~ Healthgrades