I had an excellent surgical outcome for my hip replacement surgery. I was walking within 2 hours of my surgery and was able to go home the same day and walk up my stairs that night. His team is well connected and always answered my questions promptly. ~ Healthgrades

I had hip surgery, and in 3 days was walking. ~ Vitals

The most important decision you can make in having surgery is choosing your hip surgeon. After doing much research and getting referrals, I selected Dr. Davidovitch and had a very successful hip replacement surgery. Every aspect of the process has been beyond excellent from the first meeting in which Dr. Davidovitch explained the options and the procedure, to the same day surgery and to the post-op care. As a person, Dr. Davidovitch is patient, thoughtful, highly informed, data driven, confidence inspiring and thorough. As an orthopedic surgeon, he is excellent, first rate, innovative and clearly at the top of his field. My recovery has been nothing short of amazing on all counts with improvement every single day. Full credit to Dr. Davidovitch’s remarkable skills and expertise. I could not have imagined a better experience. He and his team are the best!!!! ~ Google

I am 80 years old, one month post op. I had my second total hip replacement by anterior approach. Dr. D is extremely skilled & I am overjoyed with the result. I walked without a cane same day & was pain free one week later. I can walk & climb stairs again & expect to ride my bicycle soon. Thank you Dr. Davidovitch. ~ RateMDs

I recently had my left hip done and had a positive, pain free , swift recovery, only one month out and I am walking without a cane indoors. I highly recommend him, he is the best! ~ Facebook

I am 80 years old. 4 1/2 weeks post op. Dr. Davidovitch replaced my left hip 3 1/2 years ago & I had a great result. Current surgery (right hip replaced) result is better than great. I walked without a cane next day. Pain free in one week. I can stand & walk again with two feet, climb stairs & expect to ride my bicycle again very soon. Thank you Dr. Davidovitch. My advice to anyone considering surgery is not to wait until the pain is unbearable because the wait for a consult could be 3 months & the surgery 2 more months. ~ Vitals

I knew for a few years that I would need a hip replacement but never pursued it for many reasons. I did not want to go into a rehab facility was number one. The procedure was done and I was home and walking stairs in less then 12 hours. I had no pain, was standing straight, and No limp. The way he performs the surgery is not like any other from what I’m told. Dr Davidovitch is straight forward about his care and follows up at every stage of rehab. I would highly recommend him. ~ Healthgrades

Wonderful surgeon. Operated on my second hip replacement, which was so much easier to deal with than my first. Used the new procedure recommended and I was up and around so much faster. Highly recommend this surgeon. ~ FacebookIt was my first surgery , and I was home the same day, with no side effects, barely any pain and no bruising or swelling. I was able to walk with an aid comfortably, and the exercises on the Force app helped along with therapy after 2 months. The doctor was great, can’t say enough good things. I would go back to him in a heartbeat! ~ Google

Definitely recommend this orthopedic hip surgeon. My experience can be summed up in one word “stupendous “. ~ Vitals

Dr. Davidovitch is excellent. He and his staff are efficient and effective. The use of Force Therapeudics made the entire process go seamlessly. ~ Healthgrades

Had both my hips replaced by Dr. Davidovitch via the anterior approach. He is AWESOME!!! His technique and plan, flawless. My experience with him and his staff, the absolute best! Would highly recommend. ~ Facebook

I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years. When my wife needed a total hip replacement (THR), I began researching surgeons. Dr. Davidovitch was an early pioneer of the anterior approach to THR’s. He was the first to do the procedure and I believe he helped to design the table that is used during the procedure. The anterior approach is FAR superior to the older posterior approach. There is no cutting of the gluteus maximus or piriformis. Therefore, recovery time is faster and post-op precautions are unnecessary. In my clinical experience, the patients that I’ve treated that have gone through the anterior approach have had less pain and recovery significantly faster. There are different risks to the anterior approach like damage to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Many patients report numbness on the outer part of their thigh. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Read up on your condition and available procedures. Also, if you have any questions for the PA or doctor, write them down before hand so that you don’t forget. MAKE AN EARLY APPOINTMENT. NYU Langone is an extremely busy facility. Doctors do get behind schedule. The likelihood of that increases the later your appointment is. A DOCTOR’S PERSONALITY IS NOT A REFLECTION OF HIS/HER ABILITIES. After meeting with Dr. Davidovitch, I found him to be personable and friendly. Maybe I caught him on a good day? Regardless, I’d rather have a good surgeon with a bad personality than a bad surgeon with a good personality. My wife had the surgery in the morning and was home that same evening. She is now over 1 year post-op and is doing very well. Unfortunately, the other hip is now shot and Dr. Davidovitch will be performing the anterior approach on that one too.I would need Hemingway to describe how thankful I am to have had Roy Davidovitch, orthopedic surgeon. ~ Google

I had a left total hip replacement and my life has changed from hardly being able to walk and having intense pain everyday to feeling amazing and fit again. Top notch and seamless care from the day I had my consult to my 3 month check up. I could not have been in better hands and got my life back.The doctor and his team arm you with all the information you need to get through this. ~ RateMDs

Outstanding doctor. Great surgical skills, confident, inspires confidence. Very accommodating and personable. ~ Vitals

It will take strength, determination time and support @ home post op. Just do this and choose Dr. Davidovitch and his team. ~ Google

Great surgeon. From initial consultation to post op, total positive experience. Would highly recommend for this surgery! ~ Healthgrades

I think dr. Davidovitch is an amazing doctor. My first meeting with him he explained all of my options for hip replacement and alternative options. He spent a great deal of time with me and was truly concerned about my nervousness and put.me at ease. I had the procedure and was walking within a week. I do not understand any of the negative comments about this man. None of the complaints are true. I recommended 2 more people to him after my surgery and they loved him as well. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone considering hip replacement.~ RateMDs

I have had my second hip replaced by Dr. Davidovitch & am overjoyed with the result. I walked & climbed stairs without a cane the next day. I was pain free in one week. Thank you Dr. Davidovitch. ~ Google

I’m a new person, thanks to Dr. Davidovitch. I had left THR almost 6 weeks ago, and I’m floored by how well I’m doing. If and when I need the right one done, I’ll be back. ~ Facebook

Repaired a torn labrum for me, extremely nice guy great bed side manner highly recommend ~ Vitals

Dr. Davidovitch’s reputation precedes him as an excellent and highly skilled surgeon. I am very happy that he did my hip replacement surgery and equally satisfied with my post-surgical results. ~ Healthgrades

I had complete hip replacement on 4/23/14 by Dr. R. Davidovitch using the anterior approach. I was walking without a cane by day 10. I am female, 66 years old and was in good physical shape before having my hip replaced due to bone on bone. It is 2 months now and I am doing absolutely amazing. I felt others should know about this doctor as I did my research looking for newer technology. They also use the Hana Table at NYU which adds to the successful outcome. Like every busy doctor the time spent with the doctor is quality time which is what counts. His PA Constance was very helpful. NYU Hospital was also very efficient with setting up and following through after surgery. I was also very apprehensive about having foreign parts in my body but, now I am not aware of there presence. I know everyone is different but, I hope this helps other patients in making a decision. I am very happy with the results. ~ RateMDs

I had a total hip replacement performed by Dr Davidovitch just 3 weeks ago and I’m doing amazing. I cannot believe it myself!!! I was completely off pain meds in 3 days and no longer needed crutches or a cane in 5 days!!! I’ve just started Pt this week and I’m so happy! My care with DR Davidovitch and his team and the ENTIRE staff at the NYU Langone center has been absolutely amazing. I’ve had the best support and care throughout my entire experience. I highly recommend Dr Davidovitch !! I can’t imagine where I’d be today without him! Thank you to all! So much!!
Michelle ~ Google

No one better if ur having a Hip Replacement. I’m back to my normal activity after surgery cause this guy did the right job. Can’t thank him enough. ~ Facebook

Wonderful doctor. Caring, personable, and very attentive. Everything he told us about the surgery and rehab is exactly what happened. I received PT at home every day for 2 weeks. I would recommend him to everyone, I know. I has been only 2 weeks and I am fine, within the next few days I will be starting out patient. He told me that I can start driving 3 weeks after the day of surgery. rehab. ~ Vitals

I had a left total hip replacement with Dr. Davidovitch, and the entire experience was exceptional — the surgery team along with Dr. Davidovich and everyone at NYU Langone. I was walking (with a cane) as soon as I left the hospital and using stairs that evening. Minimal discomfort in the first few days, and stopped all pain medication a few days later (no point using them anymore). I would highly recommend Dr. Davidovich and his team. ~ Healthgrades

Correctly diagnosed me after 10 years of suffering through numerous incorrect diagnosises — cannot thank him enough! ~ RateMDs

I had both hips replaced by doctor d i got my life back with no not one problem I am back to a normal life with no pain or worries how I bend 90/90 rule. ~ Google

Great Surgeon. Thank you for giving me back my life. I can walk again! ~ Facebook

Approximately 2 months ago I had a total left hip replacement from Dr. Davidovitch. I chose him because of the anterior approach that he performs. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my surgery. I’m walking around pain free and am not needing to use a cane, crutches, etc. I’m also already back at work thanks to the rapid recovery from the anterior approach. Dr. Davidovitch’s office staff was also excellent (especially Lily). They were always available to answer any of my concerns or questions and were always prompt in their following up. I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Davidovitch and will be using him again when my right hip is ready to be replaced. I also received great care from everyone at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. ~ Vitals

Given this is major surgery I can’t be more pleased with the results. Having 9 months to mentally and physically prepare for the anterior procedure made all the difference. I was walking immediately, unassisted with four days and out of PT ahead of schedule. I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Davidovitch to others considering total hip replacement. HSS you have big competition here. Thanks Dr. Roy!!!! ~ Healthgrades

I was born with hip dysplasia so have had a lifetime of interactions with Ortho Surgeons. When I hit 40, my hips needed an overhaul and I was fortunate enough to find Dr. D. I had both hips done with no complications. My legs are the same length and I am active and pain-free. My only advice to anyone considering this surgery is, don’t wait. I was off crutches in a matter of weeks with no pain. Oh, and for those of you who have issues with the office wait time – Dr. D doesn’t rush his patients so consider the fact that you’ll get the same treatment when it’s your turn. ~ Vitals

Procedure was perfect. Everything was clearly explained. Force app made things very simple. ~ Healthgrades

Dr. Davidovitch performed a double hip replacement on me two weeks ago using the anterior method. Now I am already able to walk for short periods of time without the use of crutches or a cane. Everything was top-notch from the initial consultation to the surgical experience and the post-surgical follow-up. Keep in mind that you may be in the waiting room a while before you see him, but that is because he is very popular and makes an effort to spend time with patients answering questions and addressing concerns. ~ Vitals

I had THR and was walking with cane only after 1 week..surgery was on Thurs and was walking around table in recovery room and discharged on Sat. The leg length seems to be perfect and I am well on the way to getting back to tennis and golf. Highly recommend Dr. Davidovitch!! ~ Vitals

I had two hip surgeries with Dr. Davidovitch. Thank God all went well and I was in extremely capable hands with the doctor and his care team. All were professional, competent and caring. I have recommended Dr. Davidovitch to others who needed hip replacement surgery. I was a little nervous the first surgery, but the second one did not bother me because I knew I was in extremely capable hands. Thank you to all the care team and Dr. Davidovitch. ~ Healthgrades

After trying physical therapy for over a year I knew the only way that I would be able to alleviate the severe pain of my right hip was to have surgery. I saw two surgeons and was not comfortable with either. I scheduled surgery with one, but cancelled it….I was much to anxious. Then, I was blessed to be recommended to Dr. Davidovitch. During the consultation all of my anxiety disappeared and I immediately scheduled surgery. I’m on my way to recovery. ~ Vitals

Highly recommend . I am so amazed that a total hip replacement could be so painless and have such a short recovery time . I had surgery at 8;30 in morning and literally walked out at 6 pm feeling great! Doctor and staff were great! ~ Healthgrades

I had a total hip replacement done 2 years ago by Dr. D. and now I have to have my other hip replaced. Dr. D. is so knowledgeable and caring. The anterior approach for hip replacement is the only way to go and he performs this procedure beautifully. I left the hospital using only a cane and was driving in 1 week! Sometimes you may have to wait in his office but when your turn comes you get his undivided attention. My time is valuable but I also realize that things come up and some patients may require a longer visit due to questions, explanations, etc. His staff is also amazing! ~ Vitals

Dr. Davidovitch was recommended to me and after my own personal experience, I have already done the same with a co-worker. The organization that Dr. Davidovitch has assembled is first class and everyone that I dealt with was helpful and sincerely concerned about “me” and my condition, both before and after surgery. ~ Healthgrades

I can’t say enough nice things about Dr Davidovitch. I went to him in excruciating pain in my left hip, to the point that I couldn’t walk, Dr Davidovitch said he would help me and he did. His meted of performing a total hip replacement is by far the best. My physical therapist could not believe how well i am doing in such a sort period of time. My recovery has been a breeze and the pain is gone. I am in need of having my right hip replaced and I’m looking forward to Dr Davidovitch performing another surgery on me. The man is a genius and an exceptionally skilled surgeon! ~ Vitals

Dr Davidovich and his team were confident, accessible, and thorough. Dr Davidovich allayed all my fears & anxieties with his professionalism and reassuring approach. At the end, the results speak for themselves. Thank G-d I have no pain and am back to my old self, able to accomplish more than prior to my hip surgery. His anterior procedure is way superior to the posterior one. I know because the last hip on my right side was posterior. I would highly recommend Dr Roy Davidovich . ~ Healthgrades

Dr. Davidovitch was the 4th surgeon I saw concerning a hip replacement. His examination was thorough and the time he took explaining the procedure was extraordinary. He fully answered all questions that both my wife and I had. He does the anterior approach for the hip replacement, which will considerably cut my recovery time. I was very impressed with him and am in the process of scheduling my surgery with him. ~ Vitals

My experience was beyond my highest expectations. Because of my age, Dr. Davidovitch kept me overnight in the hospital, but I was walking with a walker the same day and could have easily gone home. Pain was relatively minimal and of short duration and functionality was restored very quickly. I do exercise regularly and was in good physical condition prior to surgery. I was able to return to the gym within two weeks, although I initially limited activity prior to starting PT. My pain is gone! ~ Healthgrades

I can’t say enough about Dr. Davidovitch. Not only is he an excellent surgeon; he is courteous, caring, likeable — and he calls patients on the phone! I took my son to him after we had a terrible experience with another surgeon. It was so bad that we started looking for an alternative just a few days before surgery was scheduled. We immediately knew we’d come to the right place. The office is professional and polite. If they say they’ll call you back, they do. If they say they’ll fax something, they do. It was a pleasure dealing with all of them at an extremely stressful time. ~ Vitals

I followed all instructions and I continue to heal rapidly. I am so very grateful to Dr. Davidovich and his entire team. Everyone was caring and absolutely amazing! ~ Healthgrades

I was initially annoyed by the long wait time but came to realize it was well worth it. This doctor doesn’t use PA’s or nurse practitioners to provide care. Dr D gives personalized attention to his patients and even gives out his email address so he can be reached for questions. You never feel like you were put through an assembly line which is how I felt when I had surgery at HSS and then never spoke to my surgeon again as only the PA provided the postoperative care. My recovery from my hip replacement by Dr. D was more than twice as fast from the anterior approach (no cane within 2 weeks!!!) which the Dr. is an expert on. He has an excellent bedside manner and appears to be a perfectionist, all the things you want in your surgeon. I highly recommend him without any hesitation! ~ Vitals

Dr. Davidovitch is an excellent surgeon. He is also very easy to talk to and has a calm, reassuring manner. ~ Healthgrades

Dr. Davidovitch is one of the rare doctors who is more interested in doing what is right for the patient than how much money he will get for the procedure. While his minimally invasive process yields him no more money than traditional hip replacement surgery, the recovery period is much faster and easier for the patient! It requires specialized training, a special operating room table, and about 3 times as much time for the procedure. Most doctors would rather choose the “easy” way, but not Dr. Davidovitch. He does not cut the muscles or tendons, but instead artfully moves them to insert the artificial hip. I am barely 7 weeks out from my surgery, and haven’t felt this good in 8 years! I know everyone has a doctor they swear by….but when it comes to total hip replacement, he is truly the one! ~ Vitals

It’s hard to believe that I had such a major surgery and with virtually no down time. Dr Davidovitch is personable and answers all of your concerns – but most of all he is an amazing surgeon. I was put out at 3:05 woke up at 4:20 and was walking around the nurses station at 5:40. I came home with a cane and used it for one day! My family and friends could not believe it when they saw me two days post op! Please put your faith in this incredible surgeon! ~ Healthgrades

If you need an Orthopedic surgeon, ask for Dr. Davidovitch. Accept no substitutes. The best, period. ~ Vitals

I was referred to Dr. Davidovitch by someone who had both hips replaced by him. Simple Amazing! I was very impressed from my initial appointment with him. No question he is the best. He has an amazing staff VERY professional to the very last detail. Walked out that evening & pain free since. Never had to take heavy pain medication. I highly recommend Dr. Davidovitch and his professional caring team of experts. ~ Healthgrades

Dr Davidovitch did my hip replacement three months ago. Now I have no pain and able to walk long distance. I feel very happy with the result. Dr Davidovitch is very professional and I totally trust his decision. In addition, his team is well organized and know exactly what they are doing, which make my experience of the surgery more pleasure. ~ Healthgrades

Dr Davidovich and his staff are absolutely amazing. On their game, very caring and proficient. Dr. Davidovich is extremely skilled at hip replacement. He was recommended to me and I am forever grateful that I had him as my surgeon! Went home the same day, never needed pain medication, back to work in a few weeks. ~ Healthgrades

Intelligent, articulate and very skilled. He heads a great treatment team that actually work as a team to help in your recovery. I sense that he constantly is trying to refine and improve the surgical , process, through constant and thorough evaluation. ~ Healthgrades

Roy Davidovitch is the most wonderful. His surgical expertise, the anterior approach, his overall demeanor are all excellent. Both NYU Langone Hospital as well as his office are extremely organized. If there were a score higher than excellent, I would have chosen that ! ~ Healthgrades

I was referred to Dr. Davidovitch by someone who had both hips replaced by him. Simple Amazing! I was very impressed from my initial appointment with him. No question he is the best. He has an amazing staff very professional to the very last detail. Walked out that evening & pain free since. Never had to take heavy pain medication. I highly recommend Dr. Davidovitch and his professional caring team of experts. ~ Healthgrades

Dr Davidovitch did my hip replacement three months ago. Now I have no pain and able to walk long distance. I feel very happy with the result. Dr Davidovitch is very professional and I totally trust his decision. In addition, his team is well organized and know exactly what they are doing, which make my experience of the surgery more pleasure. ~ Healthgrades