Hip arthroscopy is a short, safe, minimally-invasive orthopedic surgery procedure which utilizes a small camera system and instruments to visualize and repair the hip-joint. Hip arthoscopy is used successfully in the treatment of various hip ailments.

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Conditions occurring inside the hip-joint (intra-articular) and those found outside the hip-joint (extra-articular) can be safely treated using arthroscopic technology.

  • Hip arthoscopy can allow for a quicker recovery period, less scarring, and a return to pre-injury activity levels which make it an ideal technique for athletes and those under the age of 60.

Hip arthroscopy is typically performed to remove cartilage, repair labral (soft tissue surrounding hip-joint) tears, remove joint lining, improve hip instability and for the early treatment of hip arthritis. Due to the less invasive nature of this procedure, hip arthroscopy is usually done on an outpatient basis.

Hip arthroscopy may be indicated for the following hip disorders:

  • Removal of adhesions: Adhesions are areas of built up scar tissue around the hip that can limit movement and cause pain.
  • Debridement of loose bodies: Bone chips, debris, or torn cartilage cause hip pain and decreased range of motion and can be removed with hip arthroscopy.
  • Debridement of joint surfaces: Conditions such as arthritis can cause the breakdown of tissue or bone in the joint.
  • Repair of torn labral / labrum: The labrum lines the outer edge of the acetabulum to ensure a proper  fit.
  • Removal of bone spurs: Extra bone growth caused by injury or arthritis that damages the ends of the bones cause pain and limited joint mobility
  • Partial synovectomy: Removal of portions of the inflamed synovium (joint lining) in patients with inflammatory arthritis can help to decrease the patient’s pain.
  • Repair after hip trauma: Repair of hip fractures or torn ligaments caused by trauma.
  • Evaluation and diagnosis: Patients with unexplained pain, swelling, stiffness and instability in the hip that is unresponsive to conservative treatment may undergo hip arthroscopy for evaluation and diagnosis of their unique hip pain condition.

Candidates for hip arthroscopy include:

  • Athletes with hip pain associated with labral tears +/- FAI
  • Athletes with snapping hip syndrome
  • Pre-arthritic patients with hip pain and labral tears +/- FAI
  • Pre-arthritic patients with hip pain associated with synovitis
  • Patients with unexplained hip pain, swelling, stiffness and instability

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